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Itaysha Jordan: Photographer/ Visual Artist

Things I like.
Limitless Theme by WizardKhalifard
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No passengers on my plane
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Pleasure working with @belouka today. @victhedivo @deestylz @sevenknows #itayshaphoto #beauty #fashion
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reFRESH your situation! My first shoot of 2014, made on a chill winters day… April @curlbox cover with model: @m_kenzie ! Hair: @danteblandshaw Makeup: @alexislovesblog Nails: Angie @verypolishedlounge Styling: @joy_adaeze #itayshaphoto #freshforspring #curlbox #naturalhair
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Old pics made new… Denise Vasi for Feb issue of @clichemag #itayshaphoto #girlpower
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"Oh Jackie" Another image shot for Colours Magazine, London #tbt Model: Yordanos Hair/Makeup/Nails & Wardrobe - Vanessa Evelyn #itayshaphoto
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#tbt 2005 The good ole days! @joellejeanfontaine and I are a great team! No idea or concept is too big or strange to her! 😂 2005 was the start of my NYC journey, I had no fancy brands etc. to style models in. I would shop for pieces everywhere! A LOT of thrifting! I’d then give Joelle things to alter! I’d wake up and be blown away every time!!!! Make use of what you have! You may not have all the team members or equipment … But the best stuff is made from “nothing”! This is when you are stretched. Make it work! #itayshaphoto #coneyisland
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#tbt 2005 Oversize purse ala @joellejeanfontaine #itayshaphoto @shelbykeeton
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#tbt repost because I still love this shoot! 2005 Spent the day at Coney Island with @shelbykeeton @joellejeanfontaine @whatswhatjae #itayshaphoto #coneyisland
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#tbt 2005!!! A young @shelbykeeton at Coney Island @iamkreyol @joellejeanfontaine @whatswhatjae #itayshaphoto #coneyisland
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Georgie @georigiebadiel for Spirit Magazine - Brussels, Belgium. Read about her mission to have clean drinking water in the rural communities of her native country - Burkina Faso. cc:  @ogo_offodile @danteblandshaw #burkinafaso #georgiebadiel #itayshaphoto #brusselsairlines #brussels #africa
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Wait! 😍 #simonebrewster #artdeco #inspiration
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She makes furniture too! #simonebrewster
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Blown away by the jewelry designs of UK artist #simonebrewster !
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Malcolm X by #evearnold