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Itaysha Jordan: Photographer/ Visual Artist

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Behind the scenes today shooting model portfolio work w @omontesdeoca @grisellemua @spikey_love #hellomodels #itayshaphoto #itayshajordan #fashionphotography
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I’MPOSSIBLE Interview: Not only do you specialize in high fashion and beauty shoots,but you’ve photographed some of the biggest names in Hollywood; Misty Copeland, Solange Knowles, Cassie and most recently Taraji P. Henson for Vogue Italia. Can you tell us about your first big break into celebrity photography? ••• Find this answer and more via : http://impossiblellc.com #itayshaphoto #itayshajordan
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Find out the REAL deal on being an emerging talent in an over saturated industry. Read my latest interview with I’MPOSSIBLE LLC.  http://impossiblellc.com/post/94405462525/herstory-itaysha-Jordan Thank you to @miss.cnh #herstory #impossiblellc #itayshaphoto #itayshaphoto #itayshajordanstudios
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The sweet @Belouka 🌻 I was commissioned and asked to add some versatility to her model portfolio. #itayshaphoto
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5 Key Elements I Learned From My Interview with photographer @itayshaphoto When It Comes to Breaking Into Your Desired Field: 
1.Your 30 to 60 second Pitch 
2. Network 
3. Stay in Touch with Your College Alumni Board and Peers 
4. Education should not begin and end in the classroom
 5. Join an Existing Collaborative or Build One of Your Own .

The Full Interview will be available this Monday, August 11th via IMPOSSIBLELLC.com #HERStory
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🎉🎉🎉 8•4•14 🎉🎉🎉 Feeling good, feeling great, how are you?
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@curlbox Aug 2014 - Length Check : cover @ashahadiyah Stylist: @joy_adaeze Makeup @alexislovesblog Hair @danteblandshaw Nails @verypolishedlounge #itayshaphoto #itayshajordan #august urlbix #brastraplength #lengthcheck
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#Tbt Baby Dominque 🌹 @mylifeonlykodakmomments Makeup @niccirella Hair @danteblandshaw #itayshaphoto
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MAMY is one to watch!  Setting her foundation with simple and straightforward shots. All the bells & whistles will come later. Aspiring models my advice to you: get comfortable on front of the camera. Learn and watch how your body photographs. This is a gradual progression. Setting the foundation the other day with Stylist @omontesdeoca MUA @grisellemua #itayshaphoto #fashionmodel #onetowatch #hellomodels
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Itaysha Jordan Studios - Creating images that communicate , resonate and inspire. If you’re on #Facebook stop by and “like” our page. #itayshaphoto #itayshajordan #photography #fashionphotography #newyorkphotographer
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@the_real_iman in @halstonette for @dtnycmag . Stylist @charlotterosecoleman Makeup @officialsheiks Hair @derickmonroe #itayshaphoto #itayshajordan #downtownmagazine #halstonette #halston #iman
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@the_real_iman photographed at  the Trump Soho for Downtown Magazine NYC - Summer Issue. Wardrobe: @charlotterosecoleman  Makeup: @officialsheiks Hair: @derickmonroe Manicurist: Mayumi #itayshaphoto #itayshajordan #iman #downtownmagazine #summerissue #kbainc
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Today in microfashion…
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#tbt repost @loriannaizrailova #itayshaphoto #itayshajordan